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Rhonda Valentine Dixon

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The Funny, Lovely, Poignant Side of Autism #2

03 March 2017 (This post and The Funny, Lovely, Poignant, Side of Autism #2 cont. deal with the challenges the autistic individual has with ‘change’). Lin emerged from my craft room empty handed, with a wondering kind of look on his face. “What are you looking for?” I asked “Glue”, says he. “What do you…

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The Funny, Lovely, Poignant Side of Autism

It is the 22nd August, 2011 and our twenty year old autistic son, Lin, arises on a wet Sunday morning.  The rain is a wonderful and welcome sight.  The husband and I are watching Time Team when Lin calls out ‘Hi’ and announces he’s up.  We giggle.  (How lovely to wake up in such a cheerful mood.)  Lin…

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Great-Grandma Elské’s Bamboo Cane

Great-Grandma Elské’s Bamboo Cane was inspired by a delightful woman in my weekly Tai Chi class.  Elské really did lose the cane and we looked everywhere for it.  Florence suggested the gardener might have found it and put it where it was eventually located. In the book, Elské’s emotional connection to the cane drives her to…

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How to Stop Your Words from Bumping Into Someone Else’s

On 16 April 2012 I spoke with the forensic psychologist (Dr Jenny Howell) assigned to write a programme for therapeutic services to be implemented at the youth detention centre attached to Darwin jail.  You know the one; it was in the media a great deal because of the abuse the guards perpetrated upon the boys and young men incarcerated…

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Life in New Zealand’s railway settlements in the 1950s.

Life in New Zealand's railway settlements in the 1950s.

Railway families weren’t wealthy, nor abjectly poor, after all, the men were employed.  Sometimes, as was the case in our family (before my mother married), a mother may also have worked on the railway, possibly in the Refreshment Rooms on the station or in the ticket office. However, generally when a woman married, she stayed home and raised kids. …

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