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Great-Grandma Elske’s Bamboo Cane is so much more than a sweet children’s story.  It opens the readers’ eyes to the fact that old people are interesting and exciting and that age does not take away the desire for adventure.  After all, Tai Chi with swords is not how the world sees the average ninety-five year old!  It is…

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Lin and Language

The acquisition of language in a child with Autism and Semantic Pragmatic Disorder is fascinating.  (It seems that the names of the disorders change every time America’s Psychiatric Association updates the Diagnostic Manual.  SPD has changed but I’m sticking with SPD because that’s what I’ve always called it.  Just Google it if you want clarity.)…

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The Funny, Lovely, Poignant Side of Autism

19 October 2014 · Brisbane · Mr Lin Dixon went AWOL on Thursday morning. I was at work. Alan had rung for the cab about two hours before the cab was to pick our Lin up.  Alan often gets the boss lady instead of one of the switch girls who know Lin and his usual pickup times. The…

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